Dog Walking

Dog walking makes up the majority of our business here at Officially Canine. We offer both group and private walks depending on you and our new paw-some friends preferences. To see a full list of our pricing refer to our appointment page.

Initial Consultation

On your dogs first walk we conduct an initial consultation to determine their temperament. We all know some dogs prefer the company of humans over dogs, if this is the case it may be best to opt for private walks. This will ensure the most enjoyment and relaxation for your dog. We can also get all the details that we need (Vaccination History, Veterinary Details, Dog Access)  for any future walks.

House Visits 

If you've recently got a new puppy and can't take him to work or have a dog that needs just a little more attention through the day.

We visit when you're at work and check that everything is ok. If they need some food or water, we'll take care of it. Most importantly, we'll make sure they're relaxed before we leave. 


If you have recently got a puppy I'm sure you've realised they need a lot of TLC, if you are at work through the day and don't have the time. Get in contact, we're happy to help.

Veterinary Transport

Does your dog need to go to the vet or simply needs a check up but you can't get a day off work. Give us a call we will get your instructions on what you want and do the work for you. Like a Taxi for your dog. 



Going on a holiday but your dog prefers to stay at home and doesn't like being kennelled. This can be a one off service or you can couple it with a walk. We will also send you daily pictures of your dog so you know they're happy. Discounts apply. 



We can come in feed you dog and top up their water once or twice a day depending on their habits. As well as giving some hugs and play time during our visit.


Pair it with a walk

Save some money and make sure your dog loves your holiday as much as you do, we will feed, walk and play with your dog for as long as you want. Group everything in a single package and we'll give you some great discounts. Jump straight to the contact page and we will be in touch.